Corporate Spanish Lessons

You can have your tailor made corporate Spanish lessons either in group or one-on-one courses for as little as £7.50 per hour per person when you choose from my fee saver range.  Fee saver means:

  • No booking fees.
  • More hours you book in advance, cheaper your course is.
  • All materials included.
  • Interactive materials
  • Flexible cancellation policy.
  • Lessons at times to suit you.
  • You just pay if you enjoy the first lesson!
  • Free initial assessment.

Corporate Spanish Lessons Pricing

I offer six options:

OFF-PEAK HOURS FEE:  10am-12pm and 3-5pm

Programme 15 hours* 30 hours* 45 hours*
One-on-one £660 (£44 p/h) £1,200 (£40 p/h) £1,665 (£37 p/h)
Group** £750 (£50 p/h) £1,410 (£47 p/h) £2,025 (£45 p/h)

PEAK HOURS FEES: 8-10am, 12-3pm and 5-8pm

Programme 15 hours* 30 hours* 45 hours*
One-on-one £750 (£50 p/h) £1,410 (£47 p/h) £2,025 (£45 p/h)
Group** £1,050 (£70 p/h) £2,010 (£67 p/h) £2,925 (£65 p/h)

* In 90 minutes sessions

** Fees for the whole group up to 6 students

I design my syllabi following both the Common European framework of reference for languages and my student’s needs.

One-one-one lessons are ideal for c-suits, leaders and diplomats. I deliver them at the time it suits better my students and they are highly tailored to their needs.  Before the first lesson I will assess their level and I will design the syllabus accordingly.  The first lesson is free.

Group lessons are ideal for colleagues in the same company who are in the same level.  The ideal number is between 4 and 6 learners. Before the first lesson, each student’s level will be assessed separately and the syllabus will be emailed by the second lesson.

All materials will be emailed in advance on PDF, mp3  and interactive online activities.

I am aware of the nature of my students’ work and that all what is discussed during our sessions is always strictly confidential.

I am fully DBS checked.

For further information on corporate Spanish lessons, to book a call to assess your level or, to book your course, please call me, text me, or fill the following contact form: