1. How do I know my level?

If you have some level of Spanish but you are not sure in what course to enrol, you can take my free Spanish level assessment test and/or call me for a free oral assessment on + 44 7970528517. You can find the assessment test in the column to the right if you are using a pc or a tablet or under the contact form, if you are using a mobile device. If you cannot see it, you will have to accept this website cookies.

2. How big groups are?

If you choose one of my scheduled courses, I am committed to run the course with a minimum of 3 students and to never exceed 6 students per group (4 for Advanced Legal and Advanced with Literature), which will give you more chances to practice and receive proper and immediate feedback. If you prefer to organize a group for a tailor-made course among your colleagues or friends, I suggest you a maximum of 6 students.

3. Where do lessons take place?

On Zoom. You will receive a separate Zoom invitation for every session. Please make sure you have downloaded Zoom to your device. It is free for you.

4. Do I need my camera on?

No. This is not a neccesary requiriment.

5. What is going to be the whiteboard?

We are going to use a Google document as a virtual whiteboard. You will just need to press on the document link and you and your classmates will be able to write on it. You will need to have a Google email account. When the lesson finishes, everything we have seen and covered will automatically be saved.

6. What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you are a student from a group, at the end of every lesson I will send you an email with a catch up of everything what have been covered during the session you missed. You will also have access to the Google document to catch up and revise (see question 5).

7. Are lessons recorded?

No, no session will be recorded unless for one-on-one tailor made students who request it in writing.

8. How long is every lesson?

Every scheduled course is set by 10 sessions of 90 minutes. Tailor-made courses can be of 60 or 90 minutes; it is your choice.

9. Can I cancel or reschedule my lesson?

For group courses you cannot cancel or reschedule a lesson. Tailor-made one-on-one sessions can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the beginnig of the sesssion. However, to avoid you losing a session, I am pretty flexible to reschedule any session during the same week subject to my availability. My policy is simple: If I have the availability during the same week, I will accept your new time with no loss from your side, even if the reschedule is within the 24 hours.

10. How does every lesson work?

For tailor-made one-on-one and group lessons and scheduled lessons I will email you the material for every lesson in advance on pdf and all other resources such as mp3 attachments, kahoots, online quizzes and links. Teaching is based on the communicative approach, lessons are taught in Spanish through a variety of activities that enhance developing all languages skills. English is used only when necessary. Lessons are interactive and dynamic with a continuous interaction amongst the students and between students and me.

I design my syllabi following both the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and my student’s needs.

For conversation lessons, I will email you a text on pdf or web link for you to read a few days before our lesson. I will also send you a vocabulary in a quiz format to learn. During our lesson we will discuss the text and you will express your opinion. Any new term we learn during our lesson will be added to the vocabulary. At the end of every session you will have a clear idea of what you have learnt. The subjects for every lesson will be discussed in advance and agreed with you. They will range from current affairs to history, art, philosophy, etc. No extra homework will be set for conversation lessons.

11. Do I need to do homework?

Yes. A minimimu of 60 minutes per week of homework would be ideal. Homework will be manily interactive grammar and vocabulary activities on the internet and written production. The homework will be set at the end of every lesson and I will send you a catch up email with a clear explanation of your homework after every session. Homework is particularly important if you are part of a group course.

12. How do I pay?

In all cases, lessons are payable by bank transfer. If you have decided to continue, I will email you or your employer my invoice for 10 sessions at the end of the first lesson. In a nutshell, you do not pay unless you are sure the course meets your expectations.

The first lesson for the first term of tailor-made courses, both one-one-one and groups, is free. You pay for 9 lessons and you get 10.

13. How do I claim my jobseeker 50% discount?

If you are a jobseeker and you want to apply for a scheduled course, you have 50% discount in your fee. You just need to let me know it privately before I invoice you. You will not need to produce any written proof.

14. Is there any discount for tailor made courses?

Yes. If you decide to take a tailor-made course, one-on-one or on a group with your friends or colleagues, you will have the first lesson free. This means that for the first block of 10 lessons you will pay for 9 lessons. You pay after the first lesson and just if you decide to continue with the course.

15. Can I organize lessons within my company?

Yes, of course. You will have an extra discount of 10% for tailor-made group courses for companies. This means that you will pay just £607.5 for 10 60-minute sessions and £789.75 for 10 90-minute sessions for the whole group. This discount applies if your employer or company pays. You just need to put me in contact with your HR department or your employer and I will set it all up with them. If your company or employer pays for your lessons, I may have to disclose some personal information to them, such as assessments and progress reports.


For further information, to assess your level or to book your course, please call me or text me on +44 7970 528 517, e-mail me on daniel@spanishinthecity.uk or fill in the contact form below: