La palabra del día: Acudir

This verb is usually used in a formal register and it has several meanings somehow contradictory: 1. To go to a place where one is called. E.g.: Acudió a la llamada del juez: He/She attended the summons of the judge. 2. To go somewhere or to attend something with frequency. E.g.: Los jueves acude a la ópera: He/she goes to the opera on Thursdays. 3. To go to the aid of someone. E.g.: Acudió al accidentado: He/She assisted the injured. 4. To call someone for help. E.g.: Acudir al policía: To ask to the police agent for help. 5. To use something for a purpose. In this case is also possible to use recurrir. E.g.: Acudir/recurrir a los tribunales: To go to court. Tricky, isn’t it? Ask me for help with your Spanish. dc

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