La palabra del día: Auditoría

Feminine noun. From the Latin verb audire, which means ‘ to hear’, which in turn has its origin in the first auditors who exercised their function judging the truth or falsehood of what was submitted to their verification, mainly by observing. Generally, it is the action of verifying that a certain event or circumstance occurs according to plan, but if we talk about the auditoría in an organization, it refers to the tests carried out on financial, operational or administrative information with based on compliance with legal or tax obligations, as well as the policies and guidelines established by the entity itself according to the way it operates and is administered. An Auditoría can also be the department inside an organization with those functions.
E.g.: Auditoría del Edomex reportó irregularidades por 15,000 mdp, más del 10% relacionadas con el Salario Rosa: Edomex audit reported irregularities for 15,000 million pesos, more than 10% related to the Pink Salary.
The person is called el/la auditor/a and the ver is auditar: auditar las cuentas. dc

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