La palabra del día: Evicción

Feminine noun. From the Latin evincere with the meaning of “winning in a litigious situation”. It is a term of specifically legal use that supposes the existence of someone who has legally acquired an asset affected by a legal defect that they was unaware of (for example, the object was seized, mortgaged or subjected to a usufruct) and that fact causes the new owner to be stripped by court ruling in whole or in part of what he bought, since there is a previous creditor or someone with a better right.
In Legal Spanish, we have an expression: sanear la evicción. You will see it often in contract clauses. The noun is el saneamiento de la evicción (also saneamiento por evicción). It refers to the obligation that corresponds to the seller of a thing when the buyer is stripped or disturbed in all in part, that is, the seller must protect the buyer in the ownership and use of the thing, but also the saneamiento de la evicción includes responding for the hidden vices of the thing.
Besides that, the English term ‘eviction’ is tranladated into Spanish as desalojo. The verb is desalojar. dc