La palabra del día: Licitación

Feminine noun. In Business Spanish a licitación can mean two different but related things: 1. System by which the performance of a work or a service, generally of a public nature, is awarded to the person or company that offers the best conditions. The lexical phrases are convocar una licitación and adjudicar la licitación (convocatoria de la licitación/ adjudicación de la licitación) It is also possible to say convocar un concurso: to call for tenders. E.g.: La licitacion de la obra fue convocada en mayo y adjudicada a la empresa Constructura Moller y Perez-Cotapos S.A: The tender for the works was called in May and awarded to the company Constructura Moller y Perez-Cotapos S.A. 2. In some countries licitación refers also to a public sale in which a thing, especially goods or things of value, is awarded to the person who offers the most money for it. In Argentina we call the latter subasta pública. dc