La palabra del día: Pecuniario/a/s

Adjective. Related to money. This word has a very curious etymology. It comes from the Latin pecunia: health, property, and this last one from pecus: herd; as the Romans, originally a nations of shepherds, quantified their wealth by the size of their flock. The Spanish adjective agropecuario means ‘related to the livestock sector’. In modern Italian pecora means sheep. In Spanish we use pecuniario in expressions such us pena pecuniaria: a fine, valor pecuniario: monetary value. E.g.: Puesto que se refiere a un beneficio pecuniario, y siempre que las condiciones y los procedimientos aplicables para la concesión…: Since it concerns a monetary benefit, and provided that the conditions and procedures applicable for the award of state…
On another note, pecunia in Spanish is a formal expression to refer to the set of coins and bills that are used as a legal means of payment; but curiously, in Italian, the same word means the same but usually in an ironic or joking sense. dc

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