My name is Daniel Cristiano and I am an Argentinian lawyer based in London working as a Spanish tutor with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

I deliver Premium Online Spanish Courses for Lawyers, Law firms, Law students, business people and civil servants.

I have taught and designed courses for colleges and private clients including King’s College London, University of Oxford, the UK Foreign Office, London Business School and the European Banking Authority, among other institutions. I also work with various corporate clients including magic circle Law firms, investment banks, real estate, marketing and insurance companies; teaching students of all levels.


My Online Spanish Courses differ from those elsewhere  as my training both as a lawyer and a Language Tutor for adults uniquely enables me to understand the specific needs that legal, finance and other business professionals have when they deal with documents or business meetings in Spanish. I tailor all my courses to fit individual and company needs.


A language is not an exact science and for this reason it is often assumed to be hard to learn because it does not always follow rules and patterns and further changes throughout time. My job is to ease your learning process and cushion your frustrations through it.

From complete beginners to advance learners, I will guide you through the Spanish Language four skills and I will help you pass any Spanish exam you wish to take. 


I offer three types of courses:

All tailor-made Online Spanish Courses start whenever you want and they are focused on your needs. Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours before the beginning of the lesson.

Scheduled group Online Spanish Courses have a set time and they cannot be rescheduled and/or cancelled. They are also focused on your needs and skills but as they are offered to the general public, their range of needs may be wider.

You will get  the highest teaching quality you can find at very reasonable rates. Besides, if you choose one of my scheduled Online Spanish Courses, I am commited to never exceed six students per group, which will give you more chances to practice and receive proper and immediate feedback.



I tailor my courses to the way you learn best, whether that is in a group  or one-on-one.


I provide all levels tailor-made Online Spanish Courses for companies. Please read my FAQ for more information on promotions and discounts or contact me.

My Online Spanish courses for lawyers and business people are designed to deliver effective learning to enable you to have those vital meetings with your Spanish-speaking colleagues as quickly as possible.

Whether you work in Finance, Law, Civil Service, Journalism, or any other specialist sector, I tailor my training courses to include the important terminology and phrases specific to your business.

Spanish tutor for Business


If you choose a tailor-made course, you can choose to learn at a time that suits your work schedule, whether just in the morning, the afternoon, your lunch break or the evening.  

Cancellations of tailor-made lessons incurred with less than 48 hours might be charged. However, to avoid you losing a session, I am pretty flexible to reschedule it during the same week, subject to my availability. My policy is simple: If I have the availability during the same week, I will accept your new time with no loss from your side, even if the reschedule is within the 48 hours.

Scheduled Online Spanish Courses‘ lessons cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. However, if you cannot attend a lesson, I will send you a catch up email with what has been covered and what is the homework.


I follow a comprehensive method based on the communicative approach and I am highly adaptable to the needs and the different ways you  learn.

I design my syllabi following both the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and my student’s needs.


I will email you all materials before each lesson on PDF, mp3  and interactive online activities such as Kahoot, Quizlets, Learningapps, tryintercat, ver-taal, etc. To use Quizlet.com, you will need to have your own account on the platform; for you is free, please make sure you open a free account.

During our Online Spanish Courses we will use a Google document as a whiteboard. To have access to the document, you will just need to have a google account.

Throughout our lessons, I will introduce you to  to legal and business Spanish concepts and cross-cultural communication with all sort of materials and resources purposely designed for your specific needs. 

Through listenings, readings, written assignments  and oral exercises, you will learn a wide array of skills, ranging from document reading and writing strategies to oral presentations of substantive professional issues.

I incorporate  activities that focus on listening and speaking skills with the aim of preparing you for real world situations such as attorney-client meeting simulations and conference calls.


It is simple, If you are a complete beginner, just fill the contact form below, email me by clicking on the mail symbol,  or call me to book your course. If you have some level, take my free Spanish level assessment at the top right of this page, if you are using a pc or a laptop, or immediately under this paragraph, if you are using a mobile device; and contact me with your results to book a 10 minutes oral assessment.

If you have chosen a tailor-made course, once we have discussed your needs, assessed your level either over the phone or Zoom, and booked the dates, I will send you a syllabus for the first ten lessons for your approval and comments. After the first lesson, if you think it has met your expectations, you can decide to continue and I will send you the first invoice for 10 lessons.

If you have chosen one of my scheduled Online Spanish Courses, if you need it, I will assess your level either over the phone or Zoom whenever suits you. After the first lesson, and if you have decided to continue, I will email you the invoice for the 10-week course payable by bank transfer.

The difference between my scheduled courses and tailor-made group courses are mainly that the latter are designed for companies and you decide the time you learn. Basically, you learn with your friends and colleagues whenever it suits you all.


From the moment you don’t pay until you have had the first lesson and you have decided to continue, the first lesson works as a taster lesson. This means that if you continue, it works as lesson one; and if you decide not to continue, nothing is lost from your side.


I am aware of the nature of my students’ work and that all what is discussed during our sessions is always strictly confidential. I am happy to sign a NDA if requested.

I am fully DBS checked and registered to the DBS Updated Service.


All my Online Spanish Courses are payable by bank trasfer and I will email you the first invoice for 10 sessions after the first lesson. I will never ask you for your card or bank details.

This website just collects your name and email address and just when you apply for a course or contact me by filling a form.


If you have any queries regarding any of my Online Spanish Courses such as my method, payment, levels, enrollement, etc., please visit my FAQ page.


If you prefer to contact me directly to assess your level, to book your course or for any query, please call me or text me on +44 7970 528 517,  e-mail me on daniel@spanishinthecity.uk or fill the contact form below: