La palabra del día: Opa

Singular feminine noun. Public offering aimed at the partners of a company listed on the stock market proposing the acquisition of their shares in specified terms and conditions. E.g.: El Gobierno aprueba con condiciones la opa de IFM sobre el 22,7% de Naturgy: The Government approves with conditions the IFM takeover bid for the 22.7% of Naturgy.
As you can see, opa is acronym and it stands for Oferta Pública de Adquisición. Of course, we do not have a verb for this noun. The lexical expression is hacer una opa.
On a different note, in my country, opa is an old-fashioned adjective, usually used as a noun, that means something like idiot, stupid. It is actually pretty offensive. So, do not mix up hacer una opa with hacerse el opa. dc